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Welcome to Maeda Mini Cranes
Time and time again these innovative machines are proving their worth. From panelling and cladding, through the full spectrum of glass handling to restoration projects, specialist lifting applications or on tight corners on domestic and construction contracts, each crane delivers a capacity and reach equivalent to a much larger crane.

The smaller cranes in the range get in to places you wouldn't have dreamt possible. They are slender enough to fit through a standard doorway and house enough power to complete heavy lifts once in place, all the while retaining excellent maneuverability and flexibility. These cranes are providing fantastic results out in the field and are quickly becoming recognized as the "must have" new product for both hire companies and construction companies amongst many others.

New uses for these products are being found daily and in all applications end users are seeing both time and cost saving benefits. Whatever your industry, these Mini Cranes will simultaneously both meet and exceed your needs.
Latest News
April 27, 2015, 7:01pm
IsraelMar2015Maeda’s Israeli distributor, Shai-Magen, have been working with tower crane company Sky-Line on a crane dismantling job. The rental crane, an internal climbing Potain MC265, needed to be dismantled from a 140m height in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Due to the roof structure and space restriction, a variety of machines were used to dismantle the crane including a Comedil Derick CDK83/12. There were 12 tons of parts in total to dismantle and lift down. A Maeda MC285 was used to tranport the CDK83/12's parts, including the 1.7ton slewing ring, on to the roof to the drop down point . For more information please contact Shai-Magen Company on + 972 484 20 055, email or visit
April 27, 2015, 2:46pm

AustriaSteelBeams2Leeb have recently had 3 Maeda Mini Cranes out on a contract in a large laundry in Upper Austria. It was too large a job for just one crane so two MC285's and an MC405 were used from Leeb, plus another two Maeda Mini Cranes were hired in from other companies.

The cranes had to lift and insert steel beams into place beneath the ceiling of the laundry. The beams weighed 1 tonne each and had a length of 12m.   n another job last month, Maeda Mini Cranes were used to insert and place several very delicate stainless steel tanks in a medical facility in Baxter, Austria. The most complicated part of the job was to lift the largest tank, which was just 10mm smaller than the window opening. A steel ramp constructed especially for the job and 3 Maeda Mini Cranes, an MC104, MC285 and MC405 were used to place the tanks without any damage in extremely restricted working conditions and in just 2 days. Leeb supplied 4 operators to work on this complex and delicate job which worked perfectly with the Maeda Cranes. For more information please contact Leeb Technik on + 43 7355 84780, email or visit
April 27, 2015, 2:41pm
Dutch Army 1The Dutch Army have recently had great success using Maeda Mini Cranes in Gao, Mali. The cranes and mechanics worked for 7 days a week in blistering heat. Commander of the Joint Support Detachment, Major Yvon Spel praised the speed and professionalism of the work. The Maeda Mini Cranes worked perfectly in the heat and were found to be easy to use and maintain even in the extreme working conditions. Since then the Army has purchased 2 Maeda MC305's to repair Chinook helicopters in the field. When a Chinook is damaged and cannot fly, the crane is flown in on another Chinook, transported in a net underneath the helicopter. Emergency repairs are made in the field and both Chinooks can then leave for base . For more information please contact Heli nv on + 32 9 368 80 33, email or visit