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Welcome to Maeda Mini Cranes
Time and time again these innovative machines are proving their worth. From panelling and cladding, through the full spectrum of glass handling to restoration projects, specialist lifting applications or on tight corners on domestic and construction contracts, each crane delivers a capacity and reach equivalent to a much larger crane.

The smaller cranes in the range get in to places you wouldn't have dreamt possible. They are slender enough to fit through a standard doorway and house enough power to complete heavy lifts once in place, all the while retaining excellent maneuverability and flexibility. These cranes are providing fantastic results out in the field and are quickly becoming recognized as the "must have" new product for both hire companies and construction companies amongst many others.

New uses for these products are being found daily and in all applications end users are seeing both time and cost saving benefits. Whatever your industry, these Mini Cranes will simultaneously both meet and exceed your needs.
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